When is this going to happen?

Planning applications for site infrastructure and the Peaking Plant were registered with Thanet and Dover District Councils in February 2013, we would hope to have a decision from the two planning authorities by autumn 2013. If consent is granted, construction works could begin in autumn /winter 2013 with the Peaking Plant becoming operation early in 2014. Further planning applications for other uses on the site will be made in due course.

Will the local transport infrastructure cope?

Worst case transportation requirements for the operation of the proposed uses have been thoroughly studied by experienced consultants. The results demonstrate that there will be no traffic issues resulting from the project. The current dual carriageway link from A256 to A299 has been completed, improving the accessibility of the site significantly. Traffic movements during the construction stages of the project will be carefully managed and monitored but should have no impact on the roads serving the site.

Will the proposals create noise and smells?

The production of noise and odours is not anticipated to be a major factor in the proposed uses of the site. However, in any event, the operations will all run well within regulatory requirements and will be carefully monitored.

Why can't the Peaking Plant run on natural gas instead of diesel?

Unfortunately there is no high pressure gas main supplying the Richborough area and the cost of bringing a new main to the site is not financially viable. Diesel is the best alternative fuel, modern diesel generators of this type are highly efficient and have emissions comparable to the most efficient and modern diesel car engines.

Is the site contaminated?

Extensive works have already been undertaken to remove contaminants from the site. A full environment investigation and survey will form part of any planning application and any further remediation required will be performed as needed.

Are the proposals harmful to ecology and wildlife?

A full Environmental Impact Assessment is in preparation and will be submitted to accompany the planning application. Ecological survey work has been underway since 2008, in order to ascertain the exact extent of flora & fauna on site and in the surrounding area. We have worked closely with Natural England to develop appropriate mitigation for any birdlife and other wildlife found to be located on the site.

Will you be burning waste?

No. Our plans do not include any plans for burning waste on the site.

How will you be consulting with local residents?

Before submitting planning applications we conducted two extensive public consultation exercises in 2011 and 2012. We are also undertook a number of surveys and technical work which we have discussed with the relevant local authorities and statutory consultees such as the Environment Agency and Natural England. We will keep residents updated through the website and newsletters, and continue to speak to all relevant local groups, councillors and landowners throughout the planning process.

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