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Since 2011 we have been exploring the possibility of hosting a number for different green energy generating technologies on the Richborough site including options such as Biomass CHP and Anaerobic Digestion.

In January 2013 we submitted the first planning applications for the site:

1) Site Infrastructure: Which will deliver the road network and landscaping necessary to bring the site back into productive use

2) 40 MW Peaking Plant : A power plant capable of generating electricity at very short notice, for short periods of time at times of high demand or low capacity

In a joint decision in June 2013 Dover District Council and Thanet District Councils granted planning permission for both sites.

Find out more about the Peaking Plant

Full details of the planning applications can be found here:

Thanet District Council
Dover District Council

Approximately one third of the site has been leased as the location for the voltage convertor and substation for the Nemo LinkĀ® electricity interconnector between the UK and Belgium. More information about the proposals can be found on the website here: Nemo

We are actively assessing the options for the remaining land on the site with a view to locating further green energy generating technologies. As and when decisions are made further planning applications will be submitted.

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